Can you smell pumpkin spice lattes and hear the Hocus Pocus theme tune? It must be that time of year again. Halloween is a time where children and adults alike can dress up, have fun and let loose, not to mention eating all the sweets and drinking all the drinks!

If you have a Halloween party coming up or just staying in with family, you may be wondering what on earch to wear! Here are some of our favourite Halloween looks for 2022.

1. Skull Makeup

Bones and in particular skulls are a Halloween favourite. With skull makeup a skilled makeup artist can really play around with shadows and turn you into what looks like a real skeleton. 

2. Mermaid Makeup

Who doesnt love The Little Mermaid?! Halloween is the perfect time to live out your childhood fantasies of living under the sea with Arial et al. Or perhaps Ursula is more your bag!

3. The Addams Family

It wouldnt be Halloween without Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Wednesday and Cousin It now would it? If you need a bit of inspiration, how about a movie marathon  of all the films? Wednesday and Morticia Addams are an iconic yet very simple look for Halloween.

4. Zombie Cheerleader

A Halloween classic! Experiment with latex and fake blood to really bring your zombie look to life. Liberally apply fake blood to achieve the ultimate gory effect. Use blue and purple makeup to create bruises and get creative with your scars and wounds!

5. Poison Ivy

Vines are essential to this costume but the red lip is really what makes this costume stand out. Add some gems or glitter to really make you stand out.


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