Why Winter is the perfect time to start Waxing

The reason for winter being the best time to start waxing regularly is due to the regrowth cycle which comes in 3 stages.

1. Anagen - this is the growing phase, it's the longeswt phase of the 4.The growing phase for eyebrow, underarm or public hair is much shorter than the phase for hair on your head. During the anagen phase, your hair follicles are pushing out hairs that continue to grow until they either reach the end of their lifespan or you cut them.

2. Catagen - this phase starts when anagen ends, it lasts roughly 10 days. The hair folicle shrinks and growth slows, the hair also detaches from the hair follicle but still remains in place during the final days.

3. Telogen - this typically lasts around 3 momnths. Hair doesnt grow during this phase but they also dont usually fall out. This phase is also when new hairs start to form in the follicles that have just had hairs detach in the catagen phase.

4. Exogen - this is basically an extension of the telogen phase, this is when the hair actually sheds. During this phase which can last 2 -5 months,new hairs are growing  in the follicles as the old hairs fall away.


The best time to get a wax is during phase 1, the anagen phase. When anagen hair is removed, the area remains hair free for longer because the hair was removed at its earliest stage of development. If you wax regularly during this phase then it shold lead to a reduction in regrowth.  If the hair is removed at this stage repeatedly then the structre of the follicle will weaken and stop producing hairs. 

The worst time to get a wax is during phase 3 becausew there is already a new hair forming in the follicle which wont be pulled out by the wax, this means your wax wont last long. 

For the best results, you need to establish a regular routine, the best time to train the hair into ane ven growth cycle is to wax every 3-4 weeks for the first few waxes, this will train the hair to all come through at once so you may think you seem hairier than normal which is why winter is a good time to start! Once you get to this stage you can change yoru routine to waxing every 4-6 weeks and then you will start to notice longer lasting results.



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