Eleftheria M

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Eleftheria speaks English, Greek and some German. Physiotherapist, Health and Wellness Specialist, Holistic Health Coach. 25 years of experience. She specialised in sports injury rehabilitation, holistic stress management and alternative therapies. She is a certified WMF (World Massage Federation) judge. She is also an international Health and Wellness trainer. PLEASE NOTE ELEFTHERIA DOES NOT PARTICIPATE IN DISCOUNTS.

  • Nouha E

    Excellent service

  • Caterina V

    Professional therapist!

  • Edwina C

    Elfie was great. Really really good. Fantastic massage!!

  • Anna B

    Eleftheria was the perfect combination of punctuality, kindness and politeness and came well equipped with a high quality portable bed massage. Her deep tissue massage was one of the best we have ever had and we were impressed with her technique and her

  • Sophie L

    My husband loved not having to go anywhere for his massage and was able to go straight back to his desk afterwards! His sports massage was just what he needed to revive his tired biking muscles. Eleftheria listened to what he needed and took into account

  • Bianca L

    What Eleftheria does it’s not only the rehabilitation of the body but the management of your whole personal well being. Very happy to have her as my therapist

  • Arjun B

    Eleftheria did a really great job. She knows the pressure points very well and was able to provide me a lot of relief from chronic neck and back pain

  • Marissa O

    Eleftheria arrived right on time at my home with her very comfortable portable massage table. I had a wonderful full body massage. You benefit from her training as physiotherapist. Plus she has a wonderful personality.

  • Bianca L

    Even after just one session with Eleftheria there will be nothing chronic about you anymore. She manages to plant the mindset of healing and off you go. Thank you

  • Bianca L

    Very relaxing to have a massage after a busy week. It’s great I can experience this treatment in the comfort of my own home with Eleftheria who is always at her best. Thank you

  • Bianca L

    Eleftheria’s massages are addictive. It’s impressive how my physical situation improved in such short time. I’m happy to rebook her when she’s available.

  • Constantin C

    Eleftheria managed to adress the source of my back pain and suggested simple exercises that I can do at the office. I can truly say she treated the root cause. She’s simply great.

  • Rosamund T

    Fantastic as always

  • Tobias M

    Had strong neck pain which was almost gone after the massage. Was a outstanding experience in every aspect. Will definately book Eleftheria soon again.

  • Chelsea H

    When Eleftheria arrived I could barely move my head/neck and by the time she left I was in much better condition. She even gave me some useful excercises to do. I highly recommend her services!

  • Emma P

    One of the best massages I have had. Love the experience of getting a massage in the comfort of my home. Next to her professionalism, and massage techniques I really need to call out her amazing portable massage bed - super comfy!

  • Taisiia K

    Booked a massage because I had a problem with my shoulder. Elfie inspected the cause of the pain, suggested some exercises and did a really good massage😍

  • Christian R

    Wonderful massage. Very professional and well curated towards individual needs. Great massage bed! For me, the best masseuse at Glow currently. Highly recommended

  • Sophie L

    Oh how wonderful! I didn’t have to go anywhere to receive this fantastically relaxing massage. Eleftheria is so lovely, very knowledgeable and her massage technique is excellent. I’m rebooking!

  • Professor Dr. M Fathy E

    Excellent Service


  • Rejuvance - 'The Fingertip Facelift'


    60 Min

    Rejuvance is a manual method of completely natural facial therapy, working with the physiology of the body and thus, encouraging the face structures to regain their vitality. Rejuvance is also called the ‘Fingertip Facelift’ because it can produce similar results without the traumatic cosmetic surgical work. Rejuvance facial massage is good for your general health. The head, face, neck and décolletage massage reflects on your whole body and works on your psyche too! That is what we call a holistic treatment! 

Mind & Body

  • 10 x 60 mins Personal Training


    60 Min

    Take advantage and save by booking 10 sessions for only CHF120 each, a saving of 20%. 

    A tailor made personal training session. Whether outside or indoors -   every personal training session is different and she works with you to ensure training sessions are always challenging and individualized to your needs.

  • Monthly Personal Health and Fitness Coaching Subscription


    60min Min

    The monthly personal health and fitness coaching program is an all-inclusive lifestyle management service that takes into account your unique goals, likes and dislikes, and challenges. James will custom design a workout, nutrition, and daily habit program that is 100% tailored to YOU. This program is ideal for those who have repeatedly tried diets and exercise programs, only to return to old habits and start the cycle all over again. *One 60 Minute PT session per month *30 Day Custom Workout Program (delivered via app) *Daily Habit Coaching *Nutrition Coaching *Instant message support 24/7

  • Personal Training


    60 Min

    A tailor made personal training session. Whether outside or indoors - Every personal training session is different, and she works with a wide range of functional equipment to ensure that the training sessions are always exciting, challenging and individualized to your needs.

Massage & Wellness

  • Craniosacral Therapy


    90 Min

    Craniosacral is a gentle hands on treatment that may relieve various symptoms including headaches and neck pain. By using a light touch, tension can be relieved from the central nervous system and a feeling of well being can be promoted by eliminating pain and boosting health. Craniosacral therapy is based on the idea that the body is interrelated at all levels.

  • Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage


    40 Min

    Relax with a Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage and forget about the stress of your day.

  • Home Retreat and Wellness Program


    180 Min

    Three hours of pure indulgence and wellness in the comfort of your own home Chair yoga for mobility and flexibility, guided meditation, and breathwork. PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) and anti-stress massage.

  • Thai Reflexology


    60 Min

    Thai reflexology has been performed in Thailand for thousands of years as a complete holistic treatment for body, mind and spirit. It is seen as a way to remain healthy and not simply an indulgence. By using a Thai wooden stick (specially made to perform the technique) instead of the thumps, as in traditional foot reflexology, not only do they treat the reflex points on the feet but also they massage the energy lines (called sen) on the legs to balance and stimulate the movement of energy throughout the body.   

Eleftheria M


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