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Caterina CVR

Visage, Yeux, Massage & Wellness, Mens Grooming, Ongles, Épilation

Caterina speaks English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Caterina has many years of experience as a skin specialist and massage therapist. She has worked in 5 Star Hotels, Beauty Spas and Dermatology. She is specialised in all type of skincare, wellbeing, holistic treatments as well as anti ageing. Book her for a massage, reflexology or a relaxing facial. Caterina sets her focus on the entire human body and always figures out where the struggle or the pain comes from. You are truly in the best of hands with Caterina, after a treatment with her you will feel de-stressed, relaxed and reconnected with your self.

Cristina S

Mind & Body

Cristina speaks English and Romanian, she has more than 10 years experience competing at an international level in athletics. She's now turned to teaching and she is specifically focused on strength and conditioning training, circuit training and group training.

Alexandra M

Visage, Yeux, Massage & Wellness, Ongles

I am a beautician with a strong passion for beauty and relaxation. Through my skills, I transform ordinary moments into special experiences. I combine advanced massage techniques to release tension and induce a state of inner peace. As a nail stylist, I share my creativity through unique and flawless nail designs, bringing my clients' visions to life. Also, as a lash artist, I am dedicated to highlighting the natural beauty of the eyes by providing impressive lashes of the highest quality. I also cover effective hair removal techniques to provide smooth and long-lasting results. With each service offered, I seek to offer a beautification and relaxation experience that will remain memorable for all those who choose to step on their doorstep.

Alina S

Visage, Yeux, Medical Aesthetics

Alina speaks English, German, Russian and Estonian. She is specialising in the fields of aesthetic medicine and offering luxurious facials. With experience in some of the worlds best hotel spas, you are in the safest hands with Alina. Please note that Alina does not bring a massage table, she will perform the facials on your bed.

Natalia K


Natalia speaks Russian and some German. When it comes to manicures and pedicures, Natalia is a true artist, her results are perfect. She also brings with her a manicure table for added comfort.

Hector Arredondo

Massage & Wellness

Hector speaks English and Spanish with 15 years experience as a masseur. He is specialised in deep tissue massage. His therapy is totally focused on working the muscular system giving your body relief from the first session.

Lucie C


Lucie speaks English, German, French & Spanish. She practices the art of hair removal with sugar paste since 2020.
With this artisanal work, which respects even the most sensitive skin, Lucie has found her vocation.
A gentle but thorough hair removal treatment with light exfoliation for incomparably smooth, silky skin will also convince you. The most important thing for Lucie is that you feel comfortable and confident. Every kind of body is beautiful.

Kresilda D

Visage, Yeux, Mens Grooming, Ongles, Épilation, Medical Aesthetics

Kresilda speaks English, Spanish, Albanian and basic German. She recently completed her aesthetician courses and specialises in brows and facials. Additionally she also offers manicure and waxing. Please note that Kresilda doesn't bring a massage table so you will need a suitable place (she will of course bring towels and blankets to protect your furniture).

Jessica M

Visage, Mind & Body, Yeux, Massage & Wellness, Medical Aesthetics

I speak English, German, Swiss German, Italian and a bit of Spanish.
I attended the Maria Schweizer Fachschule für Kosmetik in Zurich, which is where I received my license in Esthetics. After that many courses and certifications followed during the course of 7 years: I received an advanced esthetic certification in microdermabrasion, facials and lash extensions. For Lash extensions I won several prizes and competitions in Switzerland, Germany and Spain.
I then pursued specialized training in Hyperpigmentation, acne management, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, lymphatic drainage and sound therapy.
In 2020 I became a certified Yin and Yang Yoga Instructor. In 2023 I started to study Naturapathology in Zurich.

I have always felt passionate about furthering my knowledge in the medical and holistic side of the wellness and beauty industries. Today, I consider myself to be a practitioner of both and I love every aspect of it

Artjoms Petkuns

Mind & Body, Massage & Wellness

I'm from Latvia and speak Russian, English and some German. I have a background in teaching sports and I specialise in a fast paced sports massage and corrective gymnastics. I use massage to help alleviate pain in your body and exercise to prevent it from recurring.

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