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Lucia J

Yeux, Mens Grooming, Ongles, Épilation, Mama & Moi

Lucia speaks German, English, Spanish and Slovakian. Lucia's many years of experience in the world of 5-star hotels and spas allow her to respond to all customer needs professionally and individually. Our customers appreciate Lucia's open and uncomplicated nature.

Caterina CVR

Visage, Yeux, Massage & Wellness, Mens Grooming, Épilation

Caterina speaks English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Caterina has many years of experience as a skin specialist and massage therapist. She has worked in 5 Star Hotels, Beauty Spas and Dermatology. She is specialised in all type of skincare, wellbeing, holistic treatments as well as anti ageing. Book her for a massage, reflexology or a relaxing facial. Caterina sets her focus on the entire human body and always figures out where the struggle or the pain comes from. You are truly in the best of hands with Caterina, after a treatment with her you will feel de-stressed, relaxed and reconnected with your self.

Aleksandra N

Visage, Yeux, Mens Grooming, Ongles, Medical Aesthetics

Aleksandra speaks Polish, German and has a basic knowledge of English.
Aleksandra Nowo turned her enthusiasm for the inner and outer "beauty" of people into her vocation over 20 years ago with a well-founded training as a certified beautician with a lot of empathy and sensitivity. Her claim is to always advise and treat her clients competently, individually and holistically. She is a paramedical DMK expert and her skills are also excellent in apparative and classical facial treatments. With therapeutic methods such as breathing techniques, radical forgiveness, emotion code and THL, she supports her holistic work - your skin, body, heart and soul are in focus - so that they (again) flow in harmony again in balance.
Important: Manicure and pedicure are only possible in combination with facial treatments.

Kresilda D

Visage, Yeux, Mens Grooming, Ongles, Épilation, Medical Aesthetics

Kresilda speaks English, Spanish, Albanian and basic German. She recently completed her aesthetician courses and specialises in brows and facials. Additionally she also offers manicure and waxing. Please note that Kresilda doesn't bring a massage table so you will need a suitable place (she will of course bring towels and blankets to protect your furniture).

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